Fortnite character in madness combat style

2018-02-25 06:37:50 by Diotoons

I wanted to create the black knight of fortnite in madness combat style, checkitout:



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2018-02-25 07:13:41

god thanks that save

Diotoons responds:

I know right? I just hate it when i forget to save


2018-02-25 09:13:15

awesome. just awesome.


2018-02-25 09:29:36

When fortnite takes over mc now.


2018-03-05 01:56:19

Your talent for drawing madness characters is beyond admirable, to say the least. Excellent work.

Diotoons responds:

Thanks for the kind words man! making characters is probably the thing i like most about animation


2018-03-05 15:10:02

No problem, honestly I'm not all that great at making characters, I just do what I can. -- Thinking of rebooting and completing Madness Solipsistic. But I'm not happy with the art I've been able to produce for it