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This happen to anyone else before?

Posted by Diotoons - December 16th, 2018

Sooo... youtube decided to cut the monetization on all my videos because it's not family friendly? I mean, my animations aren't even that offensive right? xd



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Just add family friendly tag to them if it bothers you too much. Worked for me

Youtube demonetizes videos just for having a couple of swearwords in it, so i wouldn't be very shocked if they started demonetizing Madness animations.

That would suck

ya animations got blood and action,which not family friendly much
or that music shit going up on ya like other pep again,watch pyrocinical to understand what im talking about

Youtube? The same youtube that has actual pornography that goes untouched for months on end? The same youtube that has child abuse communities out in the open and don't give a damn? That youtube?

Yeah, don't trust 'em.

They are nuking all kinda shit. illwillpress will tell ya all about it in his Foamy animations.
MinusKryy might be onto something here but I would assume if the content is truly not family-friendly and ya got reported or just found out, it might mean a strike for your channel.

This is the reason why they're cracking down on users like Mumkey.

Funny enough, they're not demonitizing users like PewDiePie. The only ones being hit are smaller channels.

I've heard that YouTube has been purging subscribers as well, so it could be because of the YouTube Purge 2: Return of the Wojcicki

Youtube is strange, such things happens often

Youtube has to appease the almighty advertisers so that they keep getting all the sweet greenbacks they can get. It's the same with every creative industry.

the same happened to krinkels channel
not sure why but you should contact youtube about it

Yep. Back in 2011 when I was a Partner. My animations lost audio and some taken down due to bogus copyright claims. I just deleted them and completley shifted away from YouTube mostly.

Yet...its still getting worse.

Not to me personally, but I have heard about it happening to others. Really doesn't seem like a good place to be these days if you're tryin'a earn some money...

Nope apparently not :(

Hope you find some alternatives though! Heard things about some P2P-like video hosting services but nothing really compares to YT after all... here's one though: https://d.tube/